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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our "Little" Lady of Lourdes

Luly dressed up as Our Lady of Lourdes for her school's All Saint's Day celebration.

From the mouths of babes (this morning before leaving to school):

Luly: Mami, I know why God made me so beautiful!
Me: Why?
Luly: Because he wanted me to be just like her
(as she pointed to the image of Our Lady of Lourdes).

What could I respond to that?!
(she's the one in the center back, holding her veil that is falling off!)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blast From the Past!

Alex and I went to a Retro 70s/80s Wing-Ding at St. Timothy last night. As I was getting dressed I could remember actually dressing like this (okay, minus the bobby socks!) & wearing my hair this way (I definitely have 80s hair; it took me 2 minutes to do).
Although we felt TOTALLY ridiculous, we had an awesome time! (Open bar, unlimited wings and GREAT music!, all for $10 each--not bad!!)
All in all, it was a FUN night!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September, 12 on 12

8:11 am-Here's Achi working not only from "home," but from "bed." !Que buena vida!

8:38 am-Luly's off to school already and here's Victor playing peek-a-boo as I come into his room to greet him!

10:09 am-Elena and Victor getting ready for a walk around the neighborhood. We were able to see birds, ducks and even a HUGE iguana by the canal (which we don't get too near now b/c of the alligator scare!)

11:21 am-Mami comes over for a visit. Here she's flipping through the first fundraiser Luly brought home from school (we're trying to get the Abuelo's to help out!).

3:46 pm-Here I'm on route back home (going East on Sunset Drive). Mind you, when I left to pick up Luly at 2:30 I packed up the camera to get some cool shots, but of course FORGOT. By now I've picked up Luly, picked up Ana's cantina, dropped it off at her house and I'm on my way home--notice the times of the next few pictures...I panicked that I wasn't going to have my 12.

3:47 pm-The next two are of Luly singing a song she learned in Music class, "Let us go to the house of the Lord."

3:48 pm-We pull up at Abu and Ala's house to drop off a tupperware and a beautiful picture Luly drew for them. If you look closely you can see Abu walking back out of the house with Luly.

4:26 pm-Luly works hard on her homework.

5:40 pm-Miren and Victor splash around in the kiddie pool and say "cheeeeeeese!"

7:11 pm-Victor plays while I prepare dinner. Notice how he lines up his cars!

7:12 pm-Luly plays "school." Notice the happy face and sad face on her board. She's already getting ideas from her new kindergarten teacher!
BONUS: break

I think my only "break" today was when I took a two minute shower and closed my eyes for the night at 10 pm. Love that darkness!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kindergarten Here I Come!

Luly began Kindergarten yesterday at St. Timothy Parish School...look at her face. Do you think she was excited? The anticipation was incredible! That morning she woke up on her own (a miracle within itself!) and told me she had a "good" dream (usually she likes to describe in detail her "bad" dreams and on occasion dictates them to me so that I can write them down). Her dream was that her new friends in school were all wearing the same shirt, but it wasn't their uniform. For her that constituted a "good" dream-ha! :) Innocence and simplicity!

Here's Luly with her Barbie backpack and Princess lunchbox, ready to go!

Here she is flipping through a book in her classroom. Mind you she chose to sit at the "girl" table (of course!). I left a little on the nervous side because a mom introduced herself AND the other 5 girls at the table, which made it obvious that the girls were already friends. Thoughts of "I hope they're nice to her," "I hope they include her," etc bombarded my head. Then I remembered Luly will talk to anybody and has been known to simply say "You want to play?" and even "You want to be my friend?" So I stopped worrying!

When I picked her up she gave me the run down of her day and sometimes even with specific times (ex: I had lunch at 11 and snack at 2). I asked her if she had homework and she told me she had already done it in class. I'm not sure she gets the difference between class work and home work, but I think she will in the next few weeks. She told me she made a lot of new friends but didn't remember their names. She told me she would let me know tomorrow what they were. She did remember that one of the girls that sat close to her's name began with a "G." She also saw "Ceci" from Impacto at lunch but she's in another class.

Here are the flowers Alex brought his Princess for her first day of Kindergarten (his Queen will get some next week ;) )

Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend with Cousins

The Morera Kids (Anna, Daniel & Lucas) joined us for a weekend full of fun.

Pinecrest Gardens on Friday July 28 & Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday July 29

Friday, July 14, 2006

JULY, 12 on 12 (late...!)

Well, I actually took the following pictures on the 12th but because of technical difficulties, I couldn't post them on time!
Sometime after Noon I checked my email and Bego's blog and then realized, ah! it's the 12th! It had been such a LAZY morning because of the non-stop rain, that to tell you the truth I didn't even know what day of the week it was. We originally had plans to go to Pinecrest Gardens with the kids and splash around. I thought it would make GREAT 12 on 12 pictures, but thanks to the rain, that didn't happen! So I started a little later in the day:
1:25 pm
Luly and Victor play with the Puppet Theater (a loaner from Patty)

1:26 pm
Alex takes a lunch break and catches a few minutes of Lois and Clark
(thanks to Ana :) )

2:57 pm
Luly and me play around in bed while Victor naps; we read, lounged and played "Go-fish"
(mind you, I'm still in my pajamas!)

3:02 pm
I am happy to see Hector is here to mow the lawn (even in the rain!), especially since our neighbor told Luly we would soon have to get a cow as a pet (guess who?)

8:32 pm
Picking up Nat for a coffee date with Sara and some girlfriends

10:30 pm
Here's Sara...she has a way with words, kept us cracking up in the midst of everything going on in her life! We love you Sara and are HAPPY you're here!!

10:33 pm
Ana and Sara
Ana is pregnant with exciting! I'm glad you made it despite all the nausea!

10:35 p.m.

Dania, Ana, Sara, Nat, Whalky, Noelia, Cristy, Me, Anna

11:15 pm
They kicked us out, but we continued talking outside for about an hour!

They can't get rid of us!BONUS: My poor baby Luly, had an unfortunate accident at the beach a couple of weeks ago. She stepped on a broken beer bottle (shame on people that litter!!). She got two pretty impressive lacerations and had to get 7 stitches! She's been a trooper and is all better now!